Your channel name is a big part of how people will define and understand what your channel is about. So, it is important that its name accurately represents you, your brand, and your niche.

Remember that your Channel Name appears on your videos, your channel page, and in YouTube’s search results.

If you are looking for Good names for a YouTube channel for Sole Proprietorship, watch this video, and decide which will be the official name of your channel.

I understand that you may hesitate on the name of your YouTube channel. I am going to share the 4 main categories of YouTube channel names then I will share 3 tips to help you decide on your own channel name.

I am Lili, from, your French video coach and let’s start with the categories: 

First category: Use your first and last name

If you do not have yet a business name or your business is based on your own person, you could simply use your first and last name. This is called personal branding. 

Your personal brand is how you promote yourself and that starts with your name. For example, Tony Robbins or Marie Forleo use their names for their YouTube channels and business.

Second category: Use your business name

If you already have a business name with a website, you can simply use that business name. For example: H&M uses its brand, its business name for its channel name. 

My business and website in France are ‘’The Good Speech’’. I could have named my YouTube channel The Good Speech.

But The Good Speech is a name that is extremely common in the English/American world.

So, I decided to use the third category.

Third category:  mix the business name with your first name. 

It is what I did for my French channel: Aurélie from The Good Speech. Aurélie is actually my real French name. Lili is my nickname. 

Using your first name with the name of your business will customize your YouTube channel even more.

It works especially when you are a coach, a consultant, a therapist.

Fourth category: a descriptive name

You can use keywords in your channel name like the channel named ”social media examiner” or the one named ”Learn French and English’’.

Social media examiner or Learn French and English’’ describes their channel’s topic.

The advantage is that the channel can be found on YouTube searches, especially when we classify the search by channel. 

You can also mix your name or your brand with descriptive keywords. This is what I did for this channel: I mixed Lili Tanis with these keywords ‘’Video coach’’.

Now that you know the different categories, here are my 3 tips to find your YouTube channel’s name: 

Tip number 1: your name should be unique

Whatever you decide, do some research. Check that the name you would like to choose has not been used yet by anyone else. Check on google, YouTube and social media.

If there is a channel with the same name that the one you would like to use, go further, and check if the owner of the channel works in the same field than you and if he really uses his channel. If yes, you should probably go with something else.

Tip number 2: Avoid using numbers or symbols

Numbers and symbols are difficult to remember. Imagine if the name of my channel were Lili Tanis 956, what would you think? I would think that it is an auto-generated name.  

Tip number 3: Keep it simple

If you want users to remember the name of your channel, you need to keep it simple with a maximum of 4 words. If it is too complicated, the users who have not subscribed will not come back ever to your channel. 

That is sad. So be short and memorable.

The name of your channel is an important factor so you should spend enough time to try to find the right one.  Let me know if you know any other methods to choose the name of your YouTube channel, and, in the meantime, you can grab the ten-step checklist to create videos from home with a professional look. The link is below.

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