If you’re an introvert entrepreneur or if you are discreet or shy and you’d like to be comfortable on camera, in this video, you will get advice on how to get over camera shyness and make videos, live events, or webinars, without losing sight of your values.

Bonjour !

To make videos or Lives, you have to get out of your comfort zone. You’re going to tell me as an entrepreneur, that’s all we do every day!

Launching this second YouTube channel in English, for example, is a nice way for me to get out of my comfort zone. 🙂

My name is Lili from lilitanis.com and in this video (and article) we’re going to see why it’s so difficult to talk on camera when you’re an introverted entrepreneur and learn how to overcome that fear.

Why is it so difficult for an introverted entrepreneur to talk in front of the camera?

Based on my experience working with introverted women entrepreneurs, there are 2 reasons:

  • The prospect of being on video, of being on social networks, of exposing oneself is energy consuming. There is no such thing as the desire or pleasure of talking in front of a camera.
  • The second thing is you can be introverted and shy at the same time. And when you are shy, you are afraid: afraid of criticism and the judgment of others.

So, by definition, video is a frightening media that will be difficult to access.

How can an introverted or shy entrepreneur overcome this difficulty?

There are two points that I would like to share with you.

First, be aligned with what you do.

If you are aligned with your professional activity and with what you share, then criticism or fear of criticism will no longer have any hold on you, or at least much less.

I invite you then to clarify your vision, the message you want to convey.

Because that makes it a lot easier. Once you know what is important to you and why it’s important to say it, things are much simpler.

Instead of thinking that you’re going to expose yourself, you’re actually going to expose and share your message.

And then it does not matter what people, who are not receptive to your message, will say about you.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to criticism, but it shouldn’t call into question your person or your work every time.

Let me know in the comments – do you feel aligned with what you do?

Secondly, be determined to grow your business

To grow your business, you have to promote it, and you have to communicate about it. Communicating is nothing more and nothing less than creating social ties. And for that, you cannot do it secretly. Video, Facebook or Instagram Lives and webinars can help you to create these ties and engagement very quickly. Video is today the best tool to create this connection quickly.

So answer to this question: do you want to develop your business?

If you do, you only have one option now to overcome the fear of being on camera, and that is to act,  either alone or with someone else. If you need help, go to my website lilitanis.com to make a free appointment with me.

Remember that showing yourself is accepting who you are.

À bientôt !