Fear of putting yourself out there.

You’d like to make videos, shoot Instagram stories  or open a YouTube channel, but either you don’t have the right light, you look too tired or you just don’t have the time. In short, you always have a good excuse.

But if you are very honest with yourself, you don’t postpone the creation of your videos because you don’t have the right material or you don’t have the time. You postpone it because you are afraid. You believe that, despite evidence to the contrary, you are not enough. You may feel that you’re not competent or comfortable enough, not professional enough, and you’re afraid that others will find out soon enough.

This is called the imposter syndrome or lack of legitimacy syndrome.

Don’t worry, you are not alone!  A lot of entrepreneurs, myself included, deal with this syndrome because we are constantly trying to do things we’ve never done before and it is scary!

In this video or in this article, I’m going to share 5 strategies to overcome this imposter syndrome.

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Imposter syndrome often appears when you do something for the first time or when you achieve a new goal.

The imposter syndrome often tries to prevent us from reaching new heights, and it can also prevent us from seeing our past accomplishments.

I am Lili from Lilitanis.com, video coach and I recently had to deal with this syndrome when I launched this YouTube channel in English. I told myself that my English wasn’t good enough, that many people are better than me in the US, that I’m small enough to fit in this market.

And, worse than that, I wondered if it wouldn’t be easier to keep only my French YouTube channel, which is already working very well.

In other words, how to self-sabotage in less than 2 minutes.

At first, this syndrome prevented me from taking action. Today, I know it much better and I know when I have to do something to get over it.

Beware, we can’t get out of this syndrome in a day, but we can use tools that help to get over the impostor syndrome and take action.

Here are 5 strategies I’d like to share with you today so you can create your first videos, open your YouTube channel or do many other things to grow your business.

  1. Share who you really are

The only way to destroy the impostor syndrome is to be yourself for everyone all the time. If you are working alone in your company, don’t let people think you have a team. If you are new to the subject Y or Z, let your audience know. If you’re scared, say so!  For example, I’m not a specialist in impostor syndrome, and I’m telling this you because it’s true. I’m just sharing my own experience and research in this video.

Just be transparent with your audience. It can be hard to do, but there’s a real freedom associated with that.

  • Make fun of yourself.

Research Finds That If You Can Laugh At Yourself, You’re A Potential Leader. And more than that, studies show that self-deprecating humor by high-status people increases their attractiveness.

So people will potentially like you more if you make fun of your own limitations or difficulties. For example, when you stutter in your next Live, laugh about it and keep going!

  • Adjust your mindset

For this, you have to be super careful of your thoughts.

For example, if you have this discouraging thought : I haven’t made any video to develop my business.

You can turn it into:

  • ‘’I haven’t made any video yet to develop my business.’’ You add the word yet.
  • Or something more positive ‘’I am going to make videos to develop my business.’’

Then you can add a goal: I haven’t made any video yet. I will share my first one first week of January’’. Adjusting your mindset will help you kill your discouraging thoughts and help you be productive. So pay attention.

  • Test EFT

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.

It is a kind of acupuncture without needles. Through tapping, the energy flow can be restored in the body and the negative emotion can disappear.

It may sound a little strange and it was strange for me until recently. I had tested it about a year ago following the advice of my business mentor, but I hadn’t hooked on more than that. Except that lately, with the impostor syndrome being back, I’ve been trying it again and the results were awesome.

I’m able to free myself from my limiting beliefs. I’m not going to train you on the subject because it’s not my job. But I invite you to do your research on Google or YouTube on eft and impostor syndrome.

It’s really worth it.

Tell me in the comments if you have ever tried EFT or any other technique that has helped you work on your blockages?

  • List your successes and failures

Make a list of your successes, then a list of your failures and what you learned from them. It’s important to see what you’ve already accomplished and also that you’ve always learned from your failures.

If you do this, it will be easier to record this video or open your channel!

To summarize, there are 5 strategies you can try:

1.          Share who you really are

2.          Make fun of yourself

3.          Adjust your mindset

4.          Test EFT

5.          List your successes and failures

If you are a lady boss, and you want to make a bigger impact on your business, on your community, on the world by using the power of video, contact me. The link is in the comments.

It helps me so much to develop my channel!

Thanks and aurevoir.